RSS Feeds and Internet Explorer 6

Mention Internet Explorer 6 to anyone who does web or blog development and the foul language starts to fly. IE6 presents rendering and development problems, especially on blogs. The theme on my self hosted blog has a separate style sheet with workarounds so the blog doesn’t look like a jumbled mess in IE6. Still, we wait for the day when the last user ditches IE6 for Firefox, Safari or even IE7. That day isn’t coming very soon according to the stats Matt shows in his blog.

Everyday, I look at the search terms that people use which somehow get them here. One of the searches was asking about how to read RSS feeds with Internet Explorer 6. My first thought was, “Ummm….don’t use IE6.” Of course, that’s my recommendation but it appears that Lektora has a plugin which works with IE6. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but what the heck. I don’t know if it works, how it works or why you’d want to use it so caveat emptor. If you are steadfast in keeping IE6 alive, it’s an option. I’d rather you ‘browse happy!’

Browse Happy

Photo Matt » Browser Stats

UPDATE September 12, 2007 – Since I wrote this, the Lektora site has been down. Letkora was purchased a couple of years ago so I’m not sure if this product will continue to be supported. If you want integrated RSS feeds in your web browser, try IE7. There’s always Google Reader, too.


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