Apple adds Exchange support to iPhone, unveils SDK

OK, RIM you are now officially on the clock. Palm was late to the game with push technology and RIM grabbed that market. Palm is left with the scraps of the business market and dwindling traction in the consumer market now that RIM is developing more consumer products.

Based on my experience with Treos and now the BB 8830WE, RIM is a one trick pony named Push. Email is still not rich text out of the box on the BB. 3rd party RIM apps are few. Now that the CEO’s teenage daughter is rocking a Curve, the business cache of carrying a BB is diminishing as well.

When Apple starts rolling out iPhones that actually work at decent broadbands speeds (carrier issue IMO) and use Active Sync, RIM better watch out before they get their lunch eaten.

Apple adds Exchange support to iPhone, unveils SDK