Web Sites for Small Organizations

I developed and maintain a web site for a relatively small (100 or so members) organization. I rolled out the first few pages about 18 months ago and it’s been growing ever since. I’ve learned a lot which isn’t surprising since I had absolutely no knowledge of html, php or how to administer a site. Members of the organization who belong to other similar organizations are starting to ask me, “Can you show me how to do a web site for us?” This is a loaded question which usually translates into, “Will you build a web site for us?” Since I’m not in that business, I generally ask them what they want their site to do and point them to books and web resources about how to go about using html, finding a host, choosing between shared and dedicated serving, registering a domain, etc. What I’d like to do here is share some of the applications I use to make it go. Continue reading