NHL Network Coming to Cablevision

Cablevision will addadded the NHL Network to it’s pay-tier Sports Pak by the end of October. NHL Center Ice subscribers should get the NHL Network as part of that package as well.

Cablevision FAQ re: NHL Network

Update NHL Center Ice and Cablevision – Game On!

Cablevision has finally made the NHL Center Ice available for subscribers. I ordered by phone last night and watched the Sharks-Canucks after our Islanders disposed of the Sabres (a road game in HD no less)!

NHL Center Ice and Cablevision

Here we go again. Cablevision can’t seem to come to terms with InDemand for the 2007-2008 NHL Center Ice package. Last thing I need to see is how Cablevision is protecting my interests by not caving in to the pricing demands of InDemand. Guess what? It’s freaking pay-per-view. I’ll pay what InDemand wants. It’s no big deal. Pass the cost on to me. I don’t care. I just want to watch out of market NHL games. Me and the 18 other remaining NHL fans in the USA.

Not the first time for Cablevision. They did the same thing with the YES network and subscribers missed a season of Yankees baseball. Now IO is the official HD provider of Yankees baseball on the YES network. They went to the wire with the Mets’ SNetNY as well.

The Cablevision FAQ