Cablevision (Optimum) and Not Getting Along

Something happened server side yesterday and Apple’s is no longer able to pass authentication with the outgoing SMTP server. What’s strange is that it only affects Sparrow and other mac email clients are unaffected by this.

The other odd part of this is that tech support at Cablevision admitted something went wonky on their end when they did some kind of server upgrade. Normally I’d expect, “change your password” or “reboot your modem” or other canned responses but tech support was forthcoming about the issue. No telling when it will be resolved though. Better be soon since Verizon FioS just came to terms with BeInSport.

If you’re having this problem, see the comment below. Forcing port 587 for outgoing mail does the trick.

MSG Sues NHL for Bad Marketing

From the “both sides of the mouth department”:

Dolan believes the Rangers do a far better job selling their product in all of its permutations than the league ever could. Said Dolan, “we believe that the league continues to squander opportunities to improve our business and solidify and grow our fan base.” He pulled out some interesting numbers to back his case, recounting how some 93 per cent of the NHL overall revenue (up from 91 per cent before the lockout) is generated by the teams, with only 7 per cent generated by the league.

Jim’s helping “the NHL grow our fan base” by not carrying the NHL Center Ice package for the 2007-2008 season on his Cablevision system. Unreal. Hat tip to the folks at HockeyNation.

NHL Center Ice and Cablevision

Here we go again. Cablevision can’t seem to come to terms with InDemand for the 2007-2008 NHL Center Ice package. Last thing I need to see is how Cablevision is protecting my interests by not caving in to the pricing demands of InDemand. Guess what? It’s freaking pay-per-view. I’ll pay what InDemand wants. It’s no big deal. Pass the cost on to me. I don’t care. I just want to watch out of market NHL games. Me and the 18 other remaining NHL fans in the USA.

Not the first time for Cablevision. They did the same thing with the YES network and subscribers missed a season of Yankees baseball. Now IO is the official HD provider of Yankees baseball on the YES network. They went to the wire with the Mets’ SNetNY as well.

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