Windows Live Email

I don’t know much about Windows. I have it on a PC at work which only exists because of an essential Windows only application residing on it. I was kicking around on the PC admiring (!) the improvement of IE 7.0 over the previous incarnations when I came across Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Email.

Since I manage a multi-author blog, I am always interested in finding easier ways for contributers to add content. As the other contributors work on Windows, Live Writer seemed like a good alternative for those who are intimidated by the WordPress Dashboard.  Hopefully, I’ll get some feedback to share.

I installed Windows Live Mail and was impressed. It picked up my ancient email accounts from Outlook Express, set up my spam trap hotmail account, and found the couple of feeds I had set up on IE 7 without any intervention whatsoever. I was particularly impressed with the way it handled and presented feeds without needed to launch a browser. If you don’t want to bother with a stand alone feed reader, need frequent access to email and would like to aggregate your feeds, try Windows Live Mail.