WP 2.6 and EventCalendar3

With fingers crossed and backups at the ready, I updated to WordPress 2.6 this morning. I’m pleased to report if you were successful applying the unofficial patch to EC3 to make it work with WP 2.5, it should work fine with WP 2.6. Links to the patch are around here somewhere if you need it still.

Widgetized Admin Dashboard

It’s been a while since I’ve added a new plugin but I really like this one. The new dashboard in WordPress 2.5.x has a lot of bells, whistles and nice functionality to it but there’s a lot of wasted screen real estate, notably my empty incoming links. Then there’s the stats flash which runs a log in screen when the cookie expires.

This plugin lets you take some control over the presentation of the dashboard. For me, that meant dropping the extraneous stuff. +1 for more control.

I experienced a small problem with the plugin. The plugin does a string search of the url (looking for ‘index.php’) to determine if the dashboard is being displayed. If you load the dashboard at the directory level (i.e. yourdomain.com/wordpress/wp-admin/), the widgets won’t show because the string search will return false. I made a minor modification and replaced the ‘strpos’ searches for ‘index.php’ with the elegant is_admin() conditional tag and redirects are not a problem anymore. I think there were 3 instances that needed to be changed.

I’d have reported this on the pressography.com blog itself but you have to register to leave a comment and I’m not a fan.

Widgetized Admin Dashboard : Pressography

Update: May 22, 2008 I’ve disabled this plugin in favor of this Dashboard Widget Manager. There’s no problem (other than the minor redirect issue) with the pressography plugin but the dashboard widget manager puts the settings on the Dashboard tab which I prefer over the Widgets tab. The dashboard widget manager plugin author is a frequent contributor to the WordPress trac and knows the WordPress code quite well. Makes for a lean, efficient plugin.

Eventcalendar3 Progress?

Looks like Darrell is working on the svn for Eventcalendar3. He’s applied a couple of patches to the trunk (including Andrew’s excellent patch to correct the calendar links and make the plugin go with WordPress 2.5.x). The trunk looks pretty stable so an updated release shouldn’t be too far away. Or you can grab the trunk if you can’t wait.

Fluency Admin Makeover for WordPress Admin Dashboard

I was impressed with the makeover that WordPress 2.5 included for the admin dashboard. As I was pinging Ozh for his great work on his admin drop down plugin, he noted Dean Robinson’s re-skinning of the admin dashboard. It’s worth a hop over to Dean’s site just to look at the screenshots of his Fluency ‘theme’ for the admin dashboard. Clean, modern and combined with Ozh’s plugin, a very nice UI.

I did have to do a little troubleshooting because the widgets page was frozen. Turns out another plugin, KB Advanced RSS was causing some hate on that page. Should also note that right now Fluency only works on CSS2 compliant browsers which means Safari, Firefox and others who care about implementing such standards.

Fluency Admin at deanjrobinson.com

WordPress Comment Notification

99% of my WordPress related problems are plugin conflicts. Rarely is the core code to blame. I know that. I believe that. What I will say is since installing WP 2.3.3, I’ve lost comment notification by email. I picked the low hanging fruit. Installed the wp-smtp plugin, disabled plugins which deal with comments and/or email (AJAX Edit Comments and Absolute Comments) with no luck. Trac tickets reporting this problem have been closed as fixed. Hmmm.

UPDATED April 3, 2008 Upgrading to WP 2.5 fixed this issue for me. I’m receiving comment notification emails again!!