Chopard Service

No first time buyer thinks about after-sales service when you get that dream watch. Within five or so years, if you haven’t sold it for another dream watch (or something else), the spectre of getting it serviced appears. If you chose a fine watch made by Chopard, rest easy.

My LUC Sport 2000 has been in to Chopard’s service facility twice in the five years since I’ve owned it. The first time was under warranty when the crown fell off. Last month, I brought it in for it’s first overhaul. The automatic winding system apparently failed which while disappointing, wasn’t unexpected since it’s a true sport watch that patrols the soccer field as well as going swimming with me. The repair was covered as part of a standard overhaul service which was done within 30 days.

Since I’m in New York City everyday, I have easy access to the Chopard Service facility, located on 63rd Street in Manhattan. Before the relatively new Boutique was built on Madison Ave., you went directly to the service facility to drop off and pick up the watch. Now, you go to the Boutique for that procedure and get the opportunity to be tempted to get a new Chopard. Fun but not great for the wallet.

Wrist Shot Friday

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Rain here today so it’s my Chopard L.U.C. Sport 2000 on a rubber strap. The watch is rated to 100m depth but I don’t think it will rain that hard. One of these days, I’ll write up a review of this fantastic watch. The Sport 2000 replaced a Breitling Headwind in the collection as my only sport watch. It’s rugged enough to wear on the soccer field as a back up to my stopwatch.

The red dot is blowback from the flash and my poor photography skills.