When the Hard Drive Crashes

I’m all set to put a new monitor on my Mac Mini and it’s looking great. I futz with the screen resolution and get a blue screen of death. A quick check of the apple support forums and a safe boot should do the trick. So I do a safe boot and everything comes back to normal. Restart the Mini and it begins the boot sequence. Tries again and shuts down. Uh oh. Never seen that before. Dust off the old Snow Leopard CD, boot from it and hit the Disk Utility. Starts sequencing through but can’t repair the disk. Not good. Off to the Apple Store for a copy of Disk Warrior. My version of it was on a floppy so you know how old that is. Booted into the Disk Warrior startup and it went to work. It created the mirror directory just fine but couldn’t write to the poor old Mini disk. The write head must have crashed.

So I turned on the trusty external firewire disk and told Disk Warrior to start backing up. Life would have been less stressful if I used Time Machine but that’s a discussion for another day. Anyway, My Mini (Intel late 2006) was struggling on 1Gb of RAM so I had planned to replace it on my terms.

Back to the Apple Store, this time with my eye on a new iMac (23″ with 1 Tb of storage and the ATI Radeon graphics card). Came home, hooked it up, connected the external firewire drive (FW 800!!) and was back in business with no data loss in a couple of hours. That’s what I call making the best of a bad situation.

24 inch iMac

I’m sure you can build a better system from scratch. However if you just want to take something out of a box, plug it in and go to work, wowza.

My first mac was a Mac LC. I’ve never had an ‘all in one’ but this model might change all that.