WP 2.6 and EventCalendar3

With fingers crossed and backups at the ready, I updated to WordPress 2.6 this morning. I’m pleased to report if you were successful applying the unofficial patch to EC3 to make it work with WP 2.5, it should work fine with WP 2.6. Links to the patch are around here somewhere if you need it still.

EventCalendar 3 and WP 2.5 Upgrade

EventCalendar3 has a couple of issues with the WordPress 2.5 update. There’s an unofficial patch at SourceForge that seems to work quite well on my WP 2.5 upgrade. The patch also addresses a javascript bug that showed up some time ago but hasn’t quite made it to the latest RC release. Hat tip to Andrew for the patch!

Web Sites for Small Organizations

I developed and maintain a web site for a relatively small (100 or so members) organization. I rolled out the first few pages about 18 months ago and it’s been growing ever since. I’ve learned a lot which isn’t surprising since I had absolutely no knowledge of html, php or how to administer a site. Members of the organization who belong to other similar organizations are starting to ask me, “Can you show me how to do a web site for us?” This is a loaded question which usually translates into, “Will you build a web site for us?” Since I’m not in that business, I generally ask them what they want their site to do and point them to books and web resources about how to go about using html, finding a host, choosing between shared and dedicated serving, registering a domain, etc. What I’d like to do here is share some of the applications I use to make it go. Continue reading

EventCalendar 3 and WP 2.3 Update

According to the Plugin Compatibility list on the WordPres.org site, EventCalendar 3.1.1. RC1 shows as compatible not quite compatible with WordPress 2.3. Good deal!

UPDATE: September 25, 2007…I’m going to stand by my initial assessment that EC 3.1.1 is at least a little broken with the WP 2.3 upgrade. I just can’t see how some of the advanced EC queries that access the Post2Cat table will not return an error. Perhaps most of the EC functionality is unaffected but…Now the Codex has been updated to note EC 3.1.1. will give 404 errors when you keep events separate.

UPDATE October 1, 2007: EC 3.1.1 RC2 is out to address the database schema changes in WordPress 2.3 and has backwards capability with WordPress 2.2.x and prior. Works like a champ on my 2.2.x install.

Plugins/Plugin Compatibility/2.3 « WordPress Codex

WordPress 2.3 and EventCalendar3

I use the EventCalendar3 plugin to manage and display future events on my blog. It’s almost indispensable. As a chronic and impatient upgrader, I rushed and upgraded my WordPress self hosted blog to 2.1 only to find it the EventCalendar plugin broke. WordPress changed it’s category query format which broke the plugin. The EC3 development team did a great job of getting a fix out quickly and addressed the core change.

I do a little more homework now when it comes to major WordPress releases. Well, WordPress 2.3 is a couple of weeks away from release so I took a look at the EventCalendar script considering the planned changes in the database schema. Sure enough, it looks like the elimination of the post2cat table will break EventCalendar3. Again, my review was far from complete but I won’t be hitting the WordPress 2.3 bandwagon until I know EventCalendar3 will work.

WordPress 2.3 Database Schema Changes