Migrating Feedburner to Google? Get the aspirin out.

One of the dirty little secrets (if you use FeedBurner) around is that you will have to migrate your feeds from your feedburner.com account to your google.com account. Anticipating this, I opened an AdSense account to facilitate the move. You don’t have to use AdSense nor am I planning on monetizing my feeds or content. Anyway, I clicked the Migrate link and all heck broke loose. The feeds all came over but with the redirect by google, I was banging into 502 errors. Since my web site relies pretty heavily on the BuzzBoost feature, not getting my burned feed left large holes in my normal content.

Turns out this is a known error (??!!). I reburned all my WordPress source feeds inside AdSense and lo and behold, the original migrated feeds came back with all the original settings. I deleted the new, duplicate feeds and all seemed well. Except for a couple of feeds which are there but for some reason, the BuzzBoost script isn’t generating any html. Not good.

Google is pushing everyone to migrate by the end of February 2008 but they are not ready for prime time. Take my advice and wait until the last minute so hopefully all the bugs are worked out.

Known Issues & Workarounds – FeedBurner Help Group | Google Groups.

BuzzBoost Styling

Feedburner’s superb BuzzBoost feature allows you to take one of your feeds and turn it into html for traditional web page applications. The BuzzBoost html has a ton of classes and IDs which allow you complete flexibility with how the html is presented. You can’t see all the IDs and classes by looking at the source html.

Using the WebDeveloper Firefox addin, you can see all the classes and IDs in the generated html. So if you want to delete the little Feedburner image that say’s “Headlines by Feedburner”, just add display:none to the #creditfooter ID. If you don’t want the “Subscribe to this Feed” output, just add display:none to the p.fbsubscribelink pseudoID.