Updating Entries

Many blog entries I write are for issues which are resolved, changed or obviated over the course of time. What’s the best way to update these blog entries? If the issue has changed or has been resolved, maybe using strikeout and adding a boldface update note to the original entry would work. The problem with this approach is that your feed text updates but the feed title does not. Your feed readers won’t know there’s been a change.

Sometimes I’ll write a new entry about the issue and ping or trackback to the affected post. One of the strong points of this approach is WordPress will pingback the affected post so if a reader gets there via search or archives, there will be a link to the updated post. The trackback is nice here since it will include some of the text of the updated post and make it clearer that there is a substantiative change.

I guess you can always delete the old post but that seems like a waste. I’d love to hear how others do their updates.