Blackberry 8830WE – A short honeymoon

The warts on my BB 8830WE are starting to show. The agenda view of my calendar chooses some random date in the past if I do not have a scheduled appointment today. One of my key handheld programs, Splash ID runs like syrup and features an awful UI. There’s no way to keep my screen lit (even dimly) when it sits in it’s power cradle.
The lack of html email on a platform which is really an email client is a real deficiency. I suppose the next RIM OS will fix the html email issue. We’ll see.

I wish VZW would get the Palm Centro into their lineup. I’d jump on that with two feet for my personal use.

Treo 700P to Blackberry 8830 WE

I received an email from my boss last month confirming the inevitable. I would be receiving a configured Blackberry shortly and I was expected to use it. As with many long time Mac users, my organizer of choice had been a Palm. I used a Palm III something or other and then moved to a Tungsten T which I really liked. I was able to keep my calendar at work (Outlook and then Lotus Notes on a pc) synced with my macs at home. Last year, I got the Treo 700P (Sprint) and ditched the Tungsten as I plunged into a smartphone for the first time. Now this shiny black Blackberry 8830WE shows up and since I won’t be cowed by technology (at least phone based technology), I dove in. After a month of fairly heavy use, I can provide a comparison between the two. Continue reading