Blackberry OS 4.5 for My 8830WE

Full marks to Sprint for finally releasing a supported version of OS 4.5 for my BB 8830WE. The only downside of the upgrade was having to have my enterprise settings reactivated. I don’t think the tech support folks were too bent out of shape.

The device is now quite usable with a UI that looks quite modern. HTML email renders nicely. The browser is just about usable. Best part is the OS has been rock solid. I still prefer my Centro for personal use but this is a nice upgrade.

SplashID Version 4 for Mac

My favorite (at least it used to be my favorite) password management software has been updated as a universal binary for the Mac. The good news is that it runs in Leopard (requires Tiger as a minimum) and still syncs with the Palm OS. The bad news is I now use a Blackberry which doesn’t play at all with the Mac desktop.

The Blackberry version of SplashID is horrid but I’m going to pin that on the OS rather than the software. I have no real basis for this claim other than SplashID is/was awesome on the Palm OS and ran superbly on both Windows and Mac OS. There is no way to even export the database from the Blackberry. I figure the only way to keep everything updated is to use SplashID version 4’s ability to sync local files natively so theoretically, since I have a Windows box on my home network, I could sync my Blackberry’s SplashID with it using the Blackberry sync function (Windows only) and then have the two desktop version sync over the network. That should be a good way to waste an afternoon trying to get that to work. I’ll report back if I have any luck or any desire to do this.

Update: May 28, 2008 – Guess what? The Mac’s SplashID database is not compatible with the Windows SplashID database so you can not sync a Mac file with a Windows file. Best you can do is export either one as a vID file and import it into the other application. Essentially having a master and clone but no syncing. About a -100 for this ‘feature.’ Thankfully you only have to by one license and you get all the Operating Systems.

Password Management Software – Password Vault Manager – SplashID

BlackBerry OS Roadmap

My primary beef with my BB 8830WE is lack of native HTML support in the email application. Well, that and a garbage calendar application. And the inability to work with and save attachments. Perhaps RIM is feeling pressure from Apple but this summer’s planned RIM OS 4.5 release looks promising. We’ll see.

BlackBerry OS Roadmap (and 0S 4.5 features!)

Apple adds Exchange support to iPhone, unveils SDK

OK, RIM you are now officially on the clock. Palm was late to the game with push technology and RIM grabbed that market. Palm is left with the scraps of the business market and dwindling traction in the consumer market now that RIM is developing more consumer products.

Based on my experience with Treos and now the BB 8830WE, RIM is a one trick pony named Push. Email is still not rich text out of the box on the BB. 3rd party RIM apps are few. Now that the CEO’s teenage daughter is rocking a Curve, the business cache of carrying a BB is diminishing as well.

When Apple starts rolling out iPhones that actually work at decent broadbands speeds (carrier issue IMO) and use Active Sync, RIM better watch out before they get their lunch eaten.

Apple adds Exchange support to iPhone, unveils SDK

Morning Paper: SplashID 4’s Mac Desktop Version Coming Soon

I hope this is true. Splash ID is a ‘gotta have’ application for me. I generally use my mobile device as a method of keeping multiple installations synched but I think Splash ID 4 will support synching multiple databases. I’ll be interested in trying this out when it comes out for the Mac.

As I mentioned in one of my Blackberry reviews/posts, the UI and performance of SplashID 4 is horrible on my BB 8830 WE. The Treo 700P blows the BB away running this app.

Morning Paper: SplashID 4’s Mac Desktop Version Coming Soon. For Blackberry Too