NHL Center Ice and Cablevision

Here we go again. Cablevision can’t seem to come to terms with InDemand for the 2007-2008 NHL Center Ice package. Last thing I need to see is how Cablevision is protecting my interests by not caving in to the pricing demands of InDemand. Guess what? It’s freaking pay-per-view. I’ll pay what InDemand wants. It’s no big deal. Pass the cost on to me. I don’t care. I just want to watch out of market NHL games. Me and the 18 other remaining NHL fans in the USA.

Not the first time for Cablevision. They did the same thing with the YES network and subscribers missed a season of Yankees baseball. Now IO is the official HD provider of Yankees baseball on the YES network. They went to the wire with the Mets’ SNetNY as well.

The Cablevision FAQ

Two Bits

Gator FootballIt’s a great day to be a Florida Gator. Well, everyday is a great day to be a Florida Gator but some are better than others. While it’s not quite the same living in a decidedly non-college football city, it’s great to see Ben Hill Griffin stadium on TV. Brings back some great memories of my time there in the early 90’s.

US Grand Prix

Speedway, Indiana is…how shall I say this without sounding like a prick….a little slice of Americana. ParkingĀ  for events is on the main drag into the track. The locals make $20 per car to park on their lawns. I can’t imagine what it’s like on 500 or Brickyard day. I’d say the track was about 25% of capacity. We parked about a mile or so north of the speedway in a strip mall parking lot and hoofed it in. Got there about 2 hours before the race. The speedway itself is a dump. For somewhere that’s one of the top 5 racing destinations in the world, I had more expectations than an erector set grandstand. Then again, they only use it 3x per year. Continue reading