First Sirius zaps Electronica, Now Music Choice?

It was bad enough when Sirius canned Boombox but now it seems Music Choice has decided to merge their Dance and Electronica channels into one. I used to flip back and forth when there was something on the Electronica channel I didn’t care for but it seems like every time I tune in now, it’s all Dance all the time. What the heck happened to the Electronica? Do they break blocks up during the day?

And what’s up with the MC MixTape? Sounds like a great idea but I’m not sure what to make of it.

No More Boombox on Sirius?

Great. I know Sirius and XM are trying to merge their content, especially on music but they dropped my favorite channel, Boombox. I don’t think there was equivalent content on XM so electro/breaks got dropped. The FAQ says to check out Alt Nation, which I already listen to. Alt Nation doesn’t have Boombox’s content. Thanks, guys.

via SIRIUS Satellite Radio – New Channel Lineup: Music

Sirius NFL Network

I guess Sirius’ exclusive NFL content gets a lot of subscribers. I like the NFL as much as the next guy and I’m sure it’s tough to have content 24/7 but do they have to take call ins? First and ten in the morning with Bob Papa and Randy Cross is terrific until they start taking phone calls from yahoos from all over the country about how happy they are about [insert team name] winning but being very concerned about how bad the [insert quarterback, defensive secondary, punter, etc.] played. I don’t even bother listening to the Afternoon Blitz because the screetch of blowhard Adam Schein makes me want to pour molten lead into my ears.

Maybe call ins and Schein play well across the country but they wear me out.

HNIC, Sirius reach radio deal

HNIC Radio will air Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET beginning Oct. 1 on channel 122, and will be available to Sirius listeners throughout North America. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

This is great news for Sirius subscribers hurting from losing the NHL games to XM. Hockey Night in Canada radio available in the US is a very good thing.

HNIC, Sirius reach radio deal

BMW, iPods and stuff

Almost two years ago, I bought a 2004 BMW 3 series (or E46 for the bimmers out there). I picked it up through the CPO program and couldn’t be happier. It’s a great little car and fun to drive. When I went to contract on it, I asked the dealer to install the BMW OEM iPod adapter. The car didn’t have a CD changer in the trunk so there was an input open on the ‘Business CD’ head unit. The iPod lived in the glove box and things were good. A couple of months later, I decided to have the OEM Sirius box installed. Then the problems started.

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Every spring, the trees are full of underwear, the toilets explode and sirius reception in my bucket commences sucking. I don’t live at Faber College but rather a handful of miles from Empire State Building in the leafy suburbs. The ancient trees and their leaves play havoc with sirius reception. You’d think in this day and age of technological advancement, the wizards who invented satellite radio could defeat the tree issue. Unfortunately, they pay the blowhard talent (which I don’t listen to anyway) so much mad jack it probably precludes them from investing more than a couple of hundred bucks on infrastructure.

Yes, I’m resubscribing. The physical harm to my ears when the radio cuts out and in with the volume at 8 is worth not having to endure endless terrestrial radio commercials on the local music stations.