Music Binge

Funeral by Arcade Fire, The Sun and the Moon by The Bravery and Blackholes and Revelations by Muse in the last week. Haven’t bought that much music in a week stretch in a while. All in varying degrees of excellent.

Losing my edge

I’m late to the party with LCD Soundsystem (and Arcade Fire) but I did get the new one, Sound of Silver the first week it came out. Bought the debut double the same week. I might have lost more time if it weren’t for Sirius 34 Boombox. Thanks, dog star.

Same for Arcade Fire. The new one, Neon Bible is a bit preachy but sounds great. Heard “Black Mirror” on Sirius 21 and bought “Neon Bible” immediately. I haven’t bought “Funeral” yet but I probably will soon.

Waiting for the new Interpol.