NewEgg Awesomeness

I’ve been a customer for a long time. Back in December, I got a great deal from them on a Samsung widescreen 23″ monitor. NewEgg usually has a very restrictive monitor return policy. Generally the monitor has to be dead for you to get an RMA. In my case, for some unknown reason, the Sammy did not play well with my first generation Intel Mac Mini. Constant ‘blue screen of death’ issues on boot. The one time I did get it to fire up without a safe boot, the monitor was perfect. I couldn’t live with all the safe booting and monitor tweaking so I was going to send it back to NewEgg. Then I read their return policy and said, “Uh oh, my situation doesn’t apply…time to eBay it.”

After two unsuccessful listings on eBay, I decided to contact NewEgg and tell them my tale of woe. I fully expected the ‘caveat emptor’ treatment but instead, they gave me an RMA, waived the restocking fee and gave me full store credit for the monitor. Thanks NewEgg!!


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