Quicken Essentials for Mac; Worse than Advertised

I bought Quicken Essentials with my 50% off discount that came with Turbo Tax and finally downloaded it tonight. I had read all about the limited feature set but I figured for $30 or so, give it a whirl. I had over 5000 checking transactions going back to 1998. No less than 58 duplicates after importing my old Quicken 07 file. Took about an hour to get my checking balance to reconcile working through all the duplicates. I knew Essentials didn’t track individual Buy and Sells like Quicken 07 but I figured I could live with that considering my brokerage statement is pretty complete. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to import into Turbo Tax but I always double and triple check the imports anyway so maybe that’s not a big deal. However, the deal breaker for me was you can’t set up a loan amortization schedule in Essentials. Seriously?

I wanted to like Essentials but it took about an hour before I realized the lack of basic features can’t be worked around.

2 thoughts on “Quicken Essentials for Mac; Worse than Advertised

  1. I thought you were joking. It is such an integral part of QW that I cannot believe even this was overlooked. I might forgive them for forgetting about something as complex as a Save or Save As option. Or a Year End Consolidation option….

    Boggles the mind. Sent mine back. Will have to keep using VM until Intuit gets it, if ever.

    • So many financial reports and services are available directly from your financial institution’s online capability so stripping Quicken down makes some sense. But taking almost all of the functionality (not related to downloading transactions) out is ponderous.

      I’m going to hang on to my half-off copy in case Intuit starts rolling out enhanced functionality. It’s a $30 bet I will probably lose but….

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