EventCalendar 3 and WordPress 2.9

I’ve been testing out EventCalendar ver 3.2 beta 2 with WordPress version 2.9 RC-1 for the last couple of hours. Everything I’ve tested/used seems to be working normally without throwing any errors. I haven’t tested every feature but the basic stuff is working ok on my local installation. php 5.2.11, mysql 5.1.41, apache/2.2.13. My setting is to Keep Events Separate. I did not test ‘Events are Normal Posts.’

What works:

  • Add/delete event, including calendar popup.
  • Calendar and Upcoming events widgets.
  • js calendar month scrolling
  • tooltips popups.
  • proper linking to archive templates (monthly, daily).
  • setting ec3 options in the admin back end.

What I didn’t test:

  • calendar feeds via ics.
  • complex ec3 queries.

Overall, I’m comfortable with upgrading WordPress and keeping my essential Event Calendar functionality. Version 3.1.4 seems to be working just fine with WordPress 2.9 as well. As always, caveat emptor.

Updated 6 Jan 10

Looks like EC3.2 beta2 broke my comments feed. I have no idea why. I took it down. No problem with EC3.1.4.

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