Sirius writes back on Boombox. Not good news.

I’m not going to hold my breath about Boombox style content coming back to Sirius or SiriusXM or whatever the heck it’s called now. When it comes to the consumer, 1 is never better than 2. Text from the email I got today after the jump.
Here’s the text from the email I got from Sirius regarding the disappearance of BackSpin and Boombox:

Thanks for the e-mail.

I appreciate hearing your thoughts on BOOMBOX and BACKSPIN. Like you, I was a fan of these channels. The challenge for us has always been that there is limited room on the network and we had to make some difficult decisions with the merging of the content from SIRIUS and XM.

Please check out ALT NATION, which features a weekend electro-beats show that plays the kind of music you heard on BOOMBOX. Please check out the daily old skool rap show we started on HIP HOP NATION, XM 67, featuring Grandmaster Flash and Monie Love. Shade 45 also plays a lot of old skool rap throughout the day. Plus, Subsoniq’s old skool rap show can now be heard on HIP HOP NATION as well.

Merging the two sets of music channels was a very difficult task, since so many people were passionate about each service and what they have been listening to for years. We did our best, based on customer surveys from both companies, to keep the channels that reached the most
listeners and performed the best in overall satisfaction. And, in some cases, we actually blended the two channels combining the best personalities from SIRIUS and XM to create a new combined channel.Of course, we did have to say goodbye to a few formats to make room for new ones.

The best way to see what your choices are now is to go to or and download the new channel line-up. There are many new choices that you now have access to for no additional subscription fees. Please take the time to scroll through the dial and see what’s on.
You find something you missed or something brand new that may become a favorite.

Thanks again for writing. I know change is tough and hopefully, you’ll still see the value in our service to continue as a subscriber.

Best regards,
SVP Music Programming
Sirius XM Radio

2 thoughts on “Sirius writes back on Boombox. Not good news.

  1. Why not at least make it available online? The satellite mechanism is going to die with 3G, 4G, and WiMax rolling out anyway. Now is the time to provide more online content with the death free Internet radio.

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