No More Boombox on Sirius?

Great. I know Sirius and XM are trying to merge their content, especially on music but they dropped my favorite channel, Boombox. I don’t think there was equivalent content on XM so electro/breaks got dropped. The FAQ says to check out Alt Nation, which I already listen to. Alt Nation doesn’t have Boombox’s content. Thanks, guys.

via SIRIUS Satellite Radio – New Channel Lineup: Music

17 thoughts on “No More Boombox on Sirius?

  1. I completely agree, Boombox was an amazing & revolutionary channel.. I always knew it was too good to be true! I hope Sirius learns the error of their ways very soon.. XM is horrible at breaks/electro rock/trance/dance/etc.. Keep Sirius the way it was prior to the XM merger!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ll email em as soon as i’m done typing this. Boombox was the reason I renew my 2 year subscription last month. Just when Napt realeased that Cowbell awesome track! There’s no other channel like boombox was! I don’t understand why they need to have 100 channels of rock, 50 of Hip-Hop and no Breakbeats/electronica channel. It’s like they wanna kill this style of music.

  3. Man I’m angry…Used to rock out to boombox everywhere. I been calling. None of those other stations can fill the void that boombox left. And what about all the artist alerts that will never go off again? Sad. Sad.

  4. unfreaking real! I loved Boombox Breakbeats. I listened to that 95% of the time on Sirius.

    Horrible decision. I am pissed. I will be emailing them often.

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    • please bring back the best music ever. without it how do we find that kind of music? i know you play it late at night on tuesday and sat. but we need it all the time……..BOOOOOOMBOX………..

  6. Keep calling them. Keep emailing them. Sirius is listening. They are bringing back Strobe and Backspin (both dropped at the same time as Boombox). If enough noise is generated… we may be able to get Boombox back as well.

  7. Boombox was the ONLY channel I listened to. As soon as it was dropped I called and they told me alternative nation is the same thing. That guy was clueless. THERE IS NO OTHER CHANNEL LIKE BOOMBOX!!!!! I emailed them and got that weak reply. I even emailed the dj that hosted the channel on myspace and he never wrote me back. I gave up. But now I see how many listeners are fighting for it so now I’m really going to let them have it! Boombox will live again!!!

  8. We canceled our service the same day that they took off boombox.

    Now Sirius is harassing us for it. We get on average 5-6 calls a week from Sirius, most of which are a robocall asking us to come back. Just hung up the phone a few minutes ago when a live person just called.

    Won’t be lasting for long though, they are about to go out of business, and I am glad.

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