Email Spam Protection » Blueberryware

Sometimes commenters really want to leave their email address but don’t realize how easily it can be scraped. I’ve been kicking around implementing antispambot on my blog but thanks to the new shortcode API in WordPress, the folks over at Blueberryware came up with a neat implementation. I think it’s a work in progress but give it a try.

Email Spam Protection » Blueberryware.


2 thoughts on “Email Spam Protection » Blueberryware

  1. Thanks for the plug 🙂 I got into the habit of omitting the closing php tag for files that are php only (though my plugin isn’t) from the Zend Framework. I added the closing tag in the trunk. See: Zend Framework Coding Standards
    Also, any suggestions on cleaner code would be appreciated.

    P.S. Spell check ruined me as a child 😛

  2. My code is practically unreadable so I’m the last one to suggest code cleanups. 😉

    I code in Dreamweaver which has excellent color coding and bracket balancing. That’s where I noticed the closing tag was omitted. I didn’t realize the closing tag was a Zend no-no for good reason.

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