EventCalendar 3 and WP 2.5 Upgrade

EventCalendar3 has a couple of issues with the WordPress 2.5 update. There’s an unofficial patch at SourceForge that seems to work quite well on my WP 2.5 upgrade. The patch also addresses a javascript bug that showed up some time ago but hasn’t quite made it to the latest RC release. Hat tip to Andrew for the patch!

13 thoughts on “EventCalendar 3 and WP 2.5 Upgrade

  1. Hey, Im having a strange issue with EC3- using new WP2.5 and the latest RC release of the calendar, and was having problems that “posts” events listed in the main portion of my page are not sorted by the event date. The upcoming events widget sorts correctly, and after the patch, the parent category “events” sorts correctly but my subcategories sort by ID still. Any ideas??



  2. John, thanks for the tip, but I dont think that duplicate categories are the culprit. I actually did have a subcategory “all events” which was blanket for all events, because at some point my main events category was behaving strangely. I deleted this subcategory, so that each event is only in one category (events / venue name), but this doesnt seem to have an effect on the sorting problem. I installed the patch from sourceforge, and now unfortunately Im getting the 404 when clicking on dates with events in the sidebar calendar module. Is there a fix for that- I see mention of that issue in the comments on the EC3 page, but it sounds as if the patch was supposed to have repaired that issue. I wasnt getting that phenom before. Thanks for your help John.

  3. John, which format would you suggest? Ive been using /%category%/%postname%. Im currently reverting to a fresh install of EC3 and re-running the patch to get back to a baseline. Thanks for your help.

  4. Yeah, thats what Ive been using. I have just finished doing a fresh install and performing the patch (had someone working on this who didnt do the patch for the JS), and now everything is back to functional, but I still have the problem that within my events subcategories the events sort by ID not by start-date like they do in the main events category:




    Would it work better to organize events with tags instead of subcategories within my main events category?
    Thanks again John- I’d be happy to paypal some coin or make a donation to a tip jar…

  5. Adam,
    Using tags rather than subcategories is a GREAT idea. On my selfhosted blog, I use tags to show both events and posts. The events are sorted properly. Keep in mind, EC3 3.1.1 RC3 doesn’t support tags out of the box but I wrote a simple patch that will show EC3 Events on Tag Archive pages. The patch is a bit of overkill since there’s backward compatibility which won’t be an issue for you since you’re using WP 2.5. You could just add $wp_query->is_tag as another OR statement on line 141 of eventcalendar3.php.

    You are very kind to offer. I’ve been helped by so many folks around here, I’m just happy to give back. Or maybe you could take a look at an outdated banner I don’t have the creativity to make look better. 🙂

  6. John,
    I have implemented the patch for tag use, but these still list ordered by something other than the start_date.


    Im at a loss. Its strange to me that the main events category is sorting correctly but everything else is sorting by another attribute. Any ideas? Shoot me your banner file and I’d be happy to take a look. My gmail is adambundy…
    Thanks! -Adam

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