Using Dreamweaver

One of Matt’s posts caught my eye as I was doing my daily dashboard check. While this has to do with Dreamweaver on a PC, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my Dreamweaver 8 to Dreamweaver CS3 primarily because it’s now universal binary for my Intel mac. Looks like the Windows version of Dreamweaver CS3 is giving Matt fits but the Intel Mac crowd seems satisfied with this release.

When I first started my web page, I knew zippo about html, let alone php. I installed Dreamweaver 8, grabbed a canned CSS style and started building a web site. Dreamweaver did all the heavy lifting. I set up a template and now there’s 70 or so pages linked together with the template. Once the site became functional, I decided to peer behind the curtain and look at the code. Soon I was editing using the split view and ultimately, only the code view. I giggled at the ‘old hands’ who proudly proclaimed they coded by hand, eschewing the features that came in the box.

Well, I guess I’m now one of the old hands because I haven’t looked at the design view in months. Of course, it does no good when I code php but even when I’m coding php with html output, it’s the code view for me. However, if it was not for Dreamweaver, I would never have been able to understand the how the code works. Even the basics of php (which DW8 can handle but not as happily as asp), became clear to me as I dissected the DW generated code. Now I look at the DW code and understand while it’s not lean, it works.

Since I use both an Intel Mac and a legacy G5, DW8 has been fine for me. Runs like a rocket on the G5. A bit slower and clunkier under Rosetta on the Intel Mac. In fact, it’s clunky enough to push me to upgrade or change. I’ve been toying with switching to Coda but I fear losing the template functionality that keeps my static site updated efficiently. I guess I’ll be moving to DW CS3 in the not too distant future.

Photo Matt » Wither Dreamweaver

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