More on the Blackberry 8830WE

A reader pointed out the inability of the Blackberry to edit Office documents. I should have mentioned that in my review. The Treo comes bundled with Documents to Go which makes use of the SD Card, reads Office documents natively and allows you to edit the documents. All you can do right now with the Blackberry is view the documents and only when they are attachments to email. You can’t put the documents on the SD card and view them. The Documents to Go web site indicates they are working on a Blackberry version of their software but need for RIM to update the OS to 4.5 before Docs to Go will be released. +1 to the Treo.

The other point I should have mentioned is the keyboard. The rounded keys on the Treo seemed much easier for me to work with. I like the small gap between the keys. The Blackberry’s keys are sculpted and don’t have a gap. I’m getting used to it but I think I still prefer the Treo.

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