WordPress Blog By E-Mail Improving

Latest versions of WordPress have seemingly repaired the blog by email function. The wonderful folks who support WordPress, specifically Westi and Bobcat, always consider enhancement suggestions and respond promptly. I’ve almost overcome the anxiety of submitting tickets.

#5420 (Better exit for wp-mail.php) – WordPress Trac – Trac

3 thoughts on “WordPress Blog By E-Mail Improving

  1. I would still like to be able to blog by email and have the post submitted to a specific category that I choose.

    I tried following the instructions in the codex but cannot get it to work.

    The codex states:

    Subject line
    If [n] is present anywhere in the subject line of your email, the email will be filed under the category numbered n. Otherwise, it will be posted under whichever category is selected for “Usual Category” in Step 1. Example: [1] This is a Test! would be posted as “This is a Test!”, filed under General.

    If I make a subject line of “[4] This is a test post.” it gets posted in the Uncategorized category just as typed above. How do I get this to work correctly? Do we need to add something to the wp-mail.php file?

  2. I took a quick look at the wp-mail.php file and for whatever reason, that functionality is not supported. Right now, as I understand the code, it will only use the default email category that you identify on Options->Writing.

    A patch should not be too tough to write.

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