In Rainbows

I’m a huge Radiohead fan so I don’t want to waste your time reading a glowing review. I did pay for it, though. £3. Since they left it up to me to decide a price, that’s what I came up with.

3 thoughts on “In Rainbows

  1. That’s almost exactly what I paid after the service fee was tacked on. In retrospect, I think I should have paid nothing and gone back and paid to re-download or buy the disc box (which I plan to do) after I had time to assess the album.

    But then again, I think 5 bucks is the least I can give when you consider that they, in essence, pre-released the album months in advance for us. I look it as they gave us what iTunes gives with the 30 second samples but with slightly higher quality (but still not quite good enough) and we could keep every song in its entirety — and drm-free to boot.

    I’m happy with the price I paid them (and will pay them).

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