NHL Center Ice and Cablevision

Here we go again. Cablevision can’t seem to come to terms with InDemand for the 2007-2008 NHL Center Ice package. Last thing I need to see is how Cablevision is protecting my interests by not caving in to the pricing demands of InDemand. Guess what? It’s freaking pay-per-view. I’ll pay what InDemand wants. It’s no big deal. Pass the cost on to me. I don’t care. I just want to watch out of market NHL games. Me and the 18 other remaining NHL fans in the USA.

Not the first time for Cablevision. They did the same thing with the YES network and subscribers missed a season of Yankees baseball. Now IO is the official HD provider of Yankees baseball on the YES network. They went to the wire with the Mets’ SNetNY as well.

The Cablevision FAQ

36 thoughts on “NHL Center Ice and Cablevision

  1. What the heck! The pre season has already started and I can’t even watch the games because cablevision is chizzling the price down so they can make more money charging its customers. I am left watching Center Ice on my laptop with centerice direct… maybe its time I just plug it into my TV and giveup on Cablevision.

  2. Wow…another Islanders fan! Outstanding. I won’t watch hockey on streamed video.

    MSG’s recently filed lawsuit against the NHL for monopolizing marketing rights leads me to believe there’s no way Cablevision/MSG is going to allow the NHL to make an extra penny via their cable system (read: NHL Center Ice package). Again the consumer loses but that’s the Cablevision way.

  3. …And when the Jets wanted to build a stadium on the west side, the Dolan’s wouldn’t stop whining!!

    Another reason to hate the “Cablevision Rangers”!!

  4. Man cablevision sucks. I just called and the guy said he was confident they would get a deal done soon…what a load of BS. I hate being a slave to Cablevision, why cant verizon tv get nhl center ice.

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  6. I sent tons of message inquiries through Cablevision’s site email, where they open a “trouble ticket” against my email complaint. They all come back with their website generic response that they are working toward the subscription at this time. They close my inquiry complaints as “RESOLVED”

  7. You’re very brave to try the ‘trouble ticket’ route. The help desk is measured by the speed and number of tickets they resolve so they just bang ’em closed.

  8. I called again last night…Still in negotiations…There’s always this route:

    Cablevision Greater New York
    1111 Stewart Ave.
    Bethpage, NY 11714

    James Dolan, president/CEO; voice: 516-803-1002; fax: 516-803-1181; e-mail: jdolan@cablevision.com

  9. If you hit the guide button on channels 415-428 it actually reads the game applicable for that channel too. What if the don’t reach an agreement before the free preview is over and the $20.00 off discount expires ? Will they still honor it ?

  10. CV wants love for bringing you TBS HD before the MLB playoffs (as if that was a herculean effort). Then they’ll get around to this Center Ice business.

  11. Called the main 516 number and the woman said they were close and took my information. When I stopped in at home at lunch I had a message from the woman and she said that an agreement has been reached and Center Ice should be on shortly. We’ll see tonight. She also said they would honor the discount rate and to call customer service to order…Let’s cross our fingers!

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  13. Now I’m getting “Channel Not Avallable” for the past few nights. I called and they are coming out on Saturday to check. It’s happening to a few other folks too. I AM getting a 30 day credit, at least they are trying.


  15. o.k.- i was wrong for 09 cup finals. no sharks , no canadiens.for 2010 finals pens / hawks and chitown will get the stanley cup. still die hard sharks fan but just can’t pick them this year.

  16. Let’s talk hockey. The olyimpics are here, so when these nhl players play in Vancouver and win gold, is it more than the Stanley cup.

    • That’s a good question that probably only the players can answer. I’d imagine a gold medal would be a pretty special accomplishment and maybe greater than the Cup.

    • I believe you’re correct. I always buy CI so I’m not sure about the freebie week nor the pricing for the last 20 or so games and the first rounds of the playoffs.

  17. I love the nhl network, but don’t those commercials dive you up the wall. It’s a hockey network, what’s with the same 5-10 commercials every break and half of them are none hockey related. I guess it just depends where you live.

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