Inline CSS for Feed Readers

When I first started to dabble in html and web development, I realized the power of external stylesheets. A minor change to one file and you can change an entire web site. Beautiful. Same for blogs. Then I discovered FeedBurner and it’s fantastic BuzzBoost feature which takes a feed and converts it to html for static web pages. Update my blog and my web site refreshes, carrying over the css classes and ids in the tags which is important when I have images in my blog. All’s well, right?

FeedBurner will tell you how many readers use IE 6.0 (ugh) and how many readers view your content in a feed reader. Unfortunately, you can’t use your own external css stylesheets to control how images are styled on a feed reader. Since I can’t ignore these readers, I will use inline CSS styling to provide some control of how my feed is presented. As an example, I like to float my images to the right on my blog since it uses a right sidebar. My stylesheet will take care of this on the blog but it won’t do anything for my feed so I will use inline css in the img tag to float the image to the right. It’s a little duplicitous but at least your feed (and browser-friendly FeedBurner page) will look ok.


One thought on “Inline CSS for Feed Readers

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