When Raw RSS Feeds Can Be Better Than Feedburner

I normally publish my Feedburner feed rather than my raw feeds for a couple of reasons. Capturing feed statistics is very helpful so that’s one good reason. Understanding that over 30% (probably closer to 40%) of folks who access my blogs, forums, sites are still using IE 6. I just can’t ignore these folks. If they are still using IE 6, they probably would glaze over when confronted with feeds and what their xml output looks like in IE 6. They probably won’t subscribe but at least Feedburner will turn the xml source into something readable.

My message board generates feeds and has password protected hierarchy so some forums are restricted access. If a member logs in and uses the same browser to pull up the raw RSS feed, they will receive content for all forums which they have access to. If they used the Feedburner feed, it won’t correlate the board’s cookie to the feed so the feed will only include content in the public accessible forums. In this case, I prefer the raw RSS feed.


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