WordPress Blog By Email Broken in 2.2

Now that I’ve got my blog rendering on my Treo and I’ve declared that you can post to the blog via email, I find out that blogging by email is broken in WordPress version 2.2.1. I came across this ticket in the trac as I was working to configure my wp-mail.php file to use the ‘enhanced’ function which checks the email’s from and reply-to field against the database of users to identify the author. This is a very cool function. It would all but eliminate spam in case the posting email address is somehow compromised. When I dug into the file, it wasn’t clear to me how to hack the code in the core program (hacking always gives me the shakes). Fortunately, I found the bug on the trac so no matter what I did to the wp-mail.php file, the function wouldn’t work.

The patch to bring this functionality back has a milestone for version 2.2.2 rather than the original goal of 2.4 (!). I hope when the nice folks at WP patch the wp-mail.php file, they also include some commenting in it to help nubes like me to use the author checking function. Even better would be a switch on the admin panel to turn this function on and off so hacking isn’t necessary.

#4337 (Blog by Email: No content is assumed) – WordPress Trac – Trac


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