WordPress PDA Plugin

I’m a bit old skool. I carry a Treo 700P. I’ve been with the Palm OS for years because it just worked better with my Macs. I’ve never made the move to the Windows mobile platforms because…..well, I still use macs primarily. Anyway, when I’m away from my desktop, I keep an eye on my self hosted blog using the excellent Google Mobile Reader for my feeds. If you use Google’s Mobile Reader, you know once a feed item has been marked as read, it’s almost impossible to revisit it without going to a desktop and starring the item.

I should get to my point. My blog looked awful on my Treo so I went looking for a plugin to detect a PDA browser. The first one I came across was nice and simple EXCEPT it interjected ads. Not for me. So I came across this plugin and it does a great job rendering the blog on the Treo’s small screen. If you need to administer to the site or even post, this plugin seems limited with the login function. However, WP allows you to post via email so that’s not a problem. You can comment using this plugin if you allow that sort of thing so that’s a plus. Give it a try if you just want to cleanly render your WP blog as well as reading and leaving comments.

Imthiaz Blog » WordPress PDA Plugin


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