Safari Beta

The good news is the WordPress visual editor is supported with Safari 3.0.2 (Intel Mac). Not sure why Safari needed to be cross platform but what do I know? The bad news is it’s still beta which means I’m not keeping it. I’ll wait until Leopard hits the streets.


3 thoughts on “Safari Beta

  1. The even worse news for the beta seems to be that while the visual editor is supported, paragraph breaks don’t stick, and will disappear when posting, or even just when swapping between the code editor and the visual… Ho hum. Let’s hope it’s just a problem with the beta…

  2. Thanks for commenting!! I didn’t have the beta loaded long enough to put it through it’s paces with WordPress because it broke Vienna’s page rendering.

    Looks like a WordPress issue rather than a Safari issue. Fix looks scheduled for WP 2.2.2.

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